Planning for 2016

Are you like most people who make New Year’s resolutions or do you plan instead for the coming New Year? If you are a person who always makes plans, you follow guidelines to ensure that you make good plans. Have your plans succeeded? If you did not accomplish your plans, what happened? What caused your failure? If you have succeeded in accomplishing your plan, what did you do right that you can replicate to achieve the same success for the coming New Year and even surpass your success in 2015? Are you contended in you achievement or do you want to climb a higher level?

Normally, financial status is always included in a normal person’s plan. Do you still want to continue working for someone else and increase their wealth while you continue to struggle payday after payday? This 2016, I submit to you to think of your future. Plan for your financial success and not work for the success of someone else. You are never young forever; soon you will retire or will be forced to retire. I believe you don’t desire to retire a pauper.

Statistics reveal that for every 100 people who should have reached 65 years of age, only 1 percent are wealthy, 4 percent are financially fit (meaning they are independent), 5 percent are unfortunately still working (and this is increasing every year), 28 percent have passed on, and the huge 62 percent of people who have reached retirement age are struggling financially. The 1 percent wealthy ones either inherited their wealth or own their business.

Most people did not plan to be in the plan to be in the 62 percent but before they knew it, they are stuck into working for the financial success of other people. They are drowned into boredom, bills, debts and worst of all a fixed income that can’t seem to be sufficient for their needs.

I am a believer though that nothing is final until you decide to accept that it is final. Regardless of what age you are now, you can still plan for your 2016 and beyond. Do not be part of the statistics of 95 percent of people that make the other 5 percent successful.

You are probably now asking how you can move to the 5 percent of the successful population. To start with, you don’t have the funds/investment to start your own business. Besides there is also a huge risk should you put up your own business. Bills do not stop coming after you’ve decided to build your own business; in fact the bills will even grow. Can you take the risk of turning back from present employment to build your own business? What will happen if your business does not pick-up?

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Payday Loans

Financial problems can be extremely stressful especially if you need the money instantly. Emergency expenses such as for health reasons, tuition, bills, repairs, mortgage on imminent due date, and more can strike when you least expect it. For average-earning employees, facing these financial deadlines could mean sleepless nights and inevitable headaches. So, what could be a possible solution? You may opt to apply for what is referred to as payday loans.


Payday loans are generally short-term loans that offer a quick solution to your financial woes and can be paid on your next payday, hence, the name. Most of these payday loans are offered to people who needs money urgently and are willing to repay during the next payday with a hefty interest factored in. Payday loan companies are now growing at a considerable rate, making it one of the industries often searched on the web. Availing this loan is considered simpler as compared to other loans that banks and financial institutions offer.

The Criteria

Payday loans are unique in terms of the application, processing, as well as the turn-around time. While most of the lenders boast ‘a no credit checking’ system, borrows still need to pass certain criteria to qualify. For example, borrowers must be of legal age and must possess a bank account. Another important requirement is to provide a document that would ensure that you have a steady earning and would be able to repay the amount loaned on time. Many lenders require completion of a document before the loan is processed. One of the easiest and most convenient method to apply is by sending all forms and requirements online. It is also vital to point out that such type of loan is far more lenient than traditional loans you know. For instance, people with awful credit score may still avail of the services.

The Amount and the Payment Terms

Generally, the loanable amount varies per state or per country. For instance, in the US, there are still states where payday loans are deemed illegal. However, in some states, borrowers can borrow between $50- $10,000 depending on the credit score. It is important to understand; however, that even if you borrow a hefty amount of money, you still have to repay it within a short period of time.

Lenders also charge borrower’s interest rates called the APR (short for the Annual Percentage Rate). Although states have their own ways of imposing strict APR’s on loans, the interest rate calculated on payday loans is still considerably higher than the regular type of loans. An average of 20% of you loaned amount is a conservative estimate of the interest that could be possibly added to your loan principal. A rolling interest is imposed once a borrower fails to pay right on time. It is always best to check whether your state has specific restrictions on payday loans to avoid any unnecessary charges. Get to know the local regulations and you would be able to apply for a loan with no problem at all.

The Benefits

Availing short-term loans can be advantageous, too. Check the following list to further understand the upside of this type of loan:

• Easy processing of the loan. As most applications can be completed online, approval and release of loan can be done within the day. Most providers deposit the amount loaned within 24 hours or the following business day. Having a quick access to money is one of the biggest advantages of this loan.

• Convenient repayment channels. There is no need to go to the office as borrowers can repay their loaned amount through an auto-debited account. This is why an active current or checking account is necessary to provide upon the application period.

• Having a bad credit history is not a problem. Most banks would turn down applicants with bad credit standing. With payday loans, this point is waived.

• No collateral required. No hassle and no other documents required apart from the application form ad banking details.

The Downside

• Not all states are legally authorized to offer payday loans. You must check this info first.

• The cost and fees are considerably high. The APR, as well as processing fees, can be higher than other types of loans. If you are unwilling to pay for massive interest rate, then it is better to study your other options well.

• Being unable to pay on time also leads to bigger penalties and interests.

With a number of payday loans providers, it is a must to make comparisons. For instance, reading reviews will be helpful. Borrowers must also remember that these loans are designed to provide a solution. Therefore, it is a must to repay on a timely manner. Otherwise, a bigger financial problem may come your way. In other words, use payday loans as a way to resolve the problem and not as a platform to get into a bigger one.

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Benefits of Hiring a Tax Consultant

If you have the time and the inclination, you can prepare your own income taxes for submission. However, many people appreciate giving these tasks over to a qualified professional. Learn about important benefits of using an expert tax consultant instead of working on your own.

Expert Assistance

With an expert working to complete your taxes, you can rest assured that you will receive the best assistance and advice available. Professionals with extensive experience in the industry can make recommendations that will often save consumers money. Preparation software cannot offer these money-saving benefits. The expert will also field your questions and provide informative answers.

Complicated Details

Some people have complicated returns for business or investment ventures. In these situations, there is no substitution for a tax consultant. This professional will be able to examine all data, organize it correctly, and prepare the forms. The experience and skill level of this expert makes the process easier due to strong familiarity with the system.

More Deductions and Credits

An expert on your team can help you find all the deductions and credits you can utilize. While software can find many of these money-saving options, a professional can usually find more. Even the fees you pay for this service are often deductible on a 1040 return, making this an affordable option for many people.

Software Applications

A tax consultant typically invests in the business by purchasing the most technologically advanced software available for assisting clients. Generally, this software will be much more sophisticated than the software that consumers purchase for home use. With the professional-grade software, the consultant will be able to scan documents, organize data, and complete forms. This increased speed and automation of information and organization translates to fewer mistakes on the finished return.

Saving Time

While you could certainly prepare your own taxes, you may spend significant time and energy in the process. The time and effort you expend will probably be more than a professional would spend due to your lack of experience. While you might spend hours in research to learn how to file your return, a professional likely already has this knowledge and understanding. Even people who have simple returns will avoid spending time and effort by hiring a professional.

Audit Situations

Your likelihood of being audited rises significantly if you earn more than $200,000 per year. People earning less than $200,000 have a.9 percent chance of being audited. Consumers who earn more than $200,000 have a 3.7 percent risk of this process. Whether your income fits this threshold or not, using a tax consultant for preparing and filing would help you manage an audit if it occurs. If an expert helped you with this process and you are audited, you will receive assistance with the audit process.

Save both money and time while you simplify your life by hiring a tax consultant. Not only can you rest assured that the return you file is the most advantageous for you, it will also be completed accurately and in a timely fashion.

Everything You Need To Know About Penalties For Tax Evasion in the US

The IRS (Internal Revenue System) has framed certain laws about paying the taxes for individuals, married couples, business owners, and so on residing in the US. They offer individual forms and ensure complete support while filing for taxes. But when people intentionally take illegal attempts to avoid paying the taxes are charged under the tax evasion penalties.

Here in this post, you will get to know about everything pertaining to the penalties of tax escaping.

What is Tax Evasion

Evading taxes using illegal means is a criminal offense in the eyes of the IRS. Tax avoidance can be broadly categorized in two sections. The first and the most common tax evasion is when many US residents hide the actual income and pay lesser taxes. Later on, after a thorough inspection by the IRS specialists, they are charged with the penalties for the huge due taxes that are left to be paid. The second category is strictly meant for those who intentionally escape paying taxes.

As a matter of fact, all the US business owners and citizens have the right to take proper steps for decreasing their taxes by including their loans, deductions, and the charity they have done so far. But that can only be done lawfully, under the surveillance of a tax attorney.

But, if someone intentionally and willfully avoids paying taxes is entering the realm of a crime. If you want to maintain a fair tax filing and tax payment, try to appoint a civil attorney to pay the taxes on time and avoid being charged with the tax evasion penalties.

The Criminal Tax Evasion Law by IRS

Here is the legal definition of the tax evasion statute and penalty located at the Sec.7201 of the IRS Code. It is clearly mentioned that any person who intentionally attempts to evade or overcome any compulsory tax or deny paying it will be guilty of the felony upon the conviction. Along with paying the penalties, the person must be ready to face the consequences of the punishment under the federal law.


American individuals that are proved with the charges of tax dodging are liable to pay the original amount of the income tax that is still unpaid. Alongside, they are also asked to pay the interests and the penalties decided for them. Depending on the severity of the charges, the federal tax court condemns the convicts with the felony convictions, criminal charges, imprisonment, and with substantial fines.

Prosecution Process

The CID (Criminal Investigation Division) of the IRS is appointed for the federal prosecution of those charged with the tax evasion penalties. It is the responsibility of the CID to investigate the case thoroughly and decide whether the case will be sent to the Tax division of the U.S Department of Justice for the trial.

This body of the United States Government with some of the finest judges handles the federal crimes. If you are charged with the tax avoidance, you will be presented in front of the jury that will charge you for committing the federal crime by escaping the taxes. According to the federal law, there is the six-year statute of limitations for the tax evasion that means the jury has six years from the moment of the crime has been committed by you and prosecutes you.

Besides, the judges of the US department will decide whether you will get an opportunity to get an attorney to present your case before the grand jury. If they don’t allow it, you will be arrested by the law enforcement authorities. On the next step, you can plea for the bail to the federal court. This is the high- time when you will be in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney reputed for defending several federal tax evasion crimes before.


If you are charged with the tax evasion crime and proved to be a guilty under the federal law, you can be sent for imprisonment for around five years and a fine within $100,000. The felony charges will destroy your social and professional reputation. The record of your crime of tax dodging will prevent you from getting a new job and will cause serious troubles in your business. You may also come across with various negative effects in your rights in other ways.


To avoid being charged with the serious criminal offense of tax avoidance, it is strongly recommended to file for the tax on time. If you are not aware of the process, consult a professional tax attorney immediately. If you are going through unfavorable circumstances for arranging the amount of your tax, contact an IRS executive right now and let him/her inform about your current financial instability

Getting Auto Financing – The Best Way to Buy a Car With Bad Credit

Bad credit auto loans are planned to help anyone get a car loan despite poor credit ratings. Auto financing for poor credit are not only for people with worse credit, but it can also help customers who are working, specially made employees or first time auto buyers. Bad credit auto loan comes into the picture when FICO score is below 640. However, you need to make sure that the auto finance companies offer variable interest rates on the auto finance, and you cannot just get affordable vehicle financing just by filling the bad credit loan application. In the backdrop, you have to do your homework in detail so that your loan application is approved. In addition, there are number of auto finance companies and lenders available on Internet, which you need to check and find whether the auto loan lender is offering the best loan interest rates. Are the loan rates offered really the best, or they are just meant to entice you to go for the vehicle loans? Make it a point.

With online auto loan facilities available to average auto loan borrower, things have changed massively in the auto loan market. The borrower can compare the interest rates offered on the loans by the auto financing lenders, and this will help him/her to go for the auto loan of his/her choice, which will quite obviously be the best auto financing options. If you are planning to hire a tote the note dealer for low interest car loan, you need to keep in mind that it will not solve your credit situation because the dealer will not notify about your loan payments to the credit bureaus.

Get prepared avail low interest auto financing from the genuine car dealers and have peace of mind. Make a choice from the network of online dealers that offer low interest car loan to the loan borrowers who have poor credit and their loan application has been declined. The trick that works out here is that the borrower should choose the best auto dealership financier, and not just any one from the crowd.

The bad credit car loan financing will become realty for a borrower only if he or she gets acquainted to the car loan lender who is adepts in all aspects of bad credit loans. The lender should hold the experience in the bad credit auto financing. For the borrower who is otherwise eagerly wanting to drive home in his/her new car, the responsibility lies in choosing the car loan that is offered at low interest rates and that too without undergoing through hassles.

Again, you should not go for buy here pay here financing or what is known as in-house financing. It is because the inventory or vehicles that are listed with these auto finance dealers are old and, many of them are high-mileage cars. Nowadays car loans are available at attractive interest rates and you can get pre-approved to avail these auto loans from online auto financing. All you need is to fill up bad credit auto loan application and submit form for the quick approval process.